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  • Take A Step Inside Aesop’s Newest Location In Montreal

    45.4861 ° N, 73.5737 ° W

    "The space invites meaningful interactions and respite from an otherwise busied street"

    What was once lauded as a hub for musical talents, Montreal’s Petite Bourgogne neighbourhood is now home to Aesop’s fourth location in the city. The shop was built in partnership with Québécois architect, Alain Carle, and was inspired by the musical Jazz scene that once electrified the district.

    That said, the new space emanates an atmosphere different from the other locations. It’s meant to feel like a private jazz nightclub. Starting with the deep green walls and velvet-like textiles that make up the centre counter. It continues into the wood shelving, which curve and bend just as the trumpets and saxophones that used to bellow across the neighbourhood. While the use of brass pays homage to the material used to construct the instruments themselves.

    If you’re not familiar with the brand, they place an emphasis on botanical extracts. Aesop’s wide selection of skin, hair and body products is produced with a high percentage of plant-based ingredients.

    The store is nestled in between some of Montréal’s best eateries such as Joe Beef and its sister restaurant Liverpool House. Next time you’re in that part of town, we recommend you stop by the shop for a pleasant experience with one of their skincare experts.

    Aesop Petite Bourgogne
    2493 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest
    Montréal, Québec
    H3J 1N6

    Words: Abraham Berchan