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  • Paint Your Home With Wi-Fi

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    "The TP-Link M5 Is The Perfect Solution For Dead Wi-Fi Zones In Your Home"

    One of the biggest pitfalls of Wi-Fi is the lack of consistency routers can delivery in terms of signal strength. Another issue would be the overall placement of the router itself, which may, depending on the size of your home, be unable to spread the signal all over.

    We have been testing out TP-Link’s Deco M5 router meshing system at our offices for the past few months and it has significantly improved our Wi-Fi signal throughout our 4,000-square feet space. Their whole home Wi-Fi system employs a total of three units to amply the signal of your existing router. Each Deco mesh router is capable of delivering up to 1,500-square feet of seamless wireless connection and when combined the three units can cover up to 5,500-square feet all together. Moreover, with a single network name and password, we are capable of being anywhere in the office and stay connected to the internet.

    What we love about the Deco M5 is their minimalist design. The all-white circular casing is clean and looks good anywhere you put it. At the centre lies a light that indicated their current status, while two ethernet and a USB-C port sit at the rear.

    The setups is quick and painless and the smartphone application uses to communicate with the mesh routers. This enables the users to monitor the network at any time, as well as adding privacy and other restrictions to other devices.

    A free, three-year subscription to Trend Micro antivirus software is also included.

    Learn more about the Deco M5 here.

    Words: Abraham Berchan