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  • My Life: Jordan Brand Flight School – Portland

    Reading Time: 4 minutes

    This week was a pretty special week! I got invited down to Portland to visit the Nike & Jordan Brand Headquarters. They wanted to unveil a few special projects that they’ve been working on and I was fortunate enough to be a part of this trip.

    Day 1 involved hanging out and eating great food as we discussed hip-hop amongst many other things. We dubbed that night the first annual Hip Hop Summit. Some real heavy hitters were in the room and were a part of this discussion.

    Day 2 we took a bus over to the Tiger Wood facilities where we got to take a look at the Jordan Brand Holiday offering. The lineup consisted of new Melo’s, Wade’s and CP’s. We got a chance to sit and talk with Andre Doxer, Creative Director for Jordan Brand, designer, Mark Smith who designed the Wade’s and designer Justin Taylor who worked on the Melo’s.

    We learned that the goal of the Jordan Brand is to leverage the best technology to date and to focus on performance. A few people commented via twitter that the shoes don’t look like “classics”. Well I believe that back in the day the Jordan’s that we all love today weren’t dubbed as “classics” yet and since the technology in footwear has become so advance it makes the shoes far more superior than the past.

    Little did we know that after exploring all 3 models that we would head over to the Bo Jackson facilities where we would get to test out the shoes and get to play with them on the court. We received this super amazing Jordan backpack that was stuffed with uniforms, new shorts, tops, socks and a few other goodies. We were also given 3 pairs of shoes, the new Melo’s, CP’s and Wade’s. We put on our uniforms and then we headed out to the court where they tested our speed, agility, ups and power. I haven’t work this hard since high school! They put us through some real NBA drills, testing out each pair of new shoes. We were in Flight School for real… After all the drills we got to run some full court games where my team did not win…

    My favorite shoes end-up being the Melo’s and I look forward to playing in them again.

    It was truly a great experience and I can’t wait to avenge my team, so I’m joining training camp ha, see you next time!

    Thanks Team Jordan!