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  • Lincoln Reintroduces The Aviator

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    "Resurrecting a nameplate we haven’t seen since 2005"


    The pilot of Air Canada flight AC 7636 made a pass over Manhattan just before landing at LaGuardia. From our window seat we could see the remnants of winter that is slowly leaving the city. From the sky, New York City looks calm, almost unmoving. However, we knew what awaited us as soon as we jumped into the Navigator that awaited us at the gate and headed straight into the heart of the city. The pulse never stops here.

    Lincoln hopes to capture the same energy in their new Aviator, a mid-size SUV that last saw production in 2005. This, however, would not come without a myriad of updates and a complete redesign. The Aviator is poised to sit in between their full-size Navigator and their MKC crossover. Thus fulfilling a gap in Lincoln’s line-up and allowing them to be serious contenders in another important automotive segment.

    When it comes to the Aviator’s design, Lincoln’s Design Director, David Woodhouse, spoke on four tenants that have served as a point of origin. They have been classified as beauty, gliding, human and sanctuary. The beauty was expressed all throughout the Aviator with its smooth lines and swooping silhouette. The aspect of gliding was in seen in the vehicle’s unimposing stance and the aeronautical influences that tie into its nameplate. The human and sanctuary translate to the interior. There is a welcoming feel to the materials that have been chosen and a stillness that envelopes you as the door shuts. The piece of resistance is the Aviator’s paint, which has been dubbed “Flight Blue.”

    The inspirations behind these tenants was also showcased in a private gallery that referenced works of art that embodied the spirit of the Aviator and Lincoln as a brand. The works of artists such as Danny Fuller, Kyle Harrington, Scott Haycock, and Martha West were on display beside the concept art, sketches, and renderings of the yet to be revealed vehicle. Side by side, you could see how Mr. Woodhouse and his team attempted to translate the tenants into the Aviator.

    The Aviator is built on a rear-wheel drive platform and it will come equipped with a twin turbo engine and a plug-in hybrid option. The electrified engine is a part of the brand’s eleven billion dollar commitment to zero emission vehicles. Making the Aviator is the first of its kind. What’s more is that it can turned on and driven using a virtual key on a smartphone. It is also set to feature Ford’s new driver-assist system with automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection.

    Learn more about the Aviator online at Lincoln

    You can also see the Lincoln Aviator at the New York International Auto Show from March 30th to April 8th.

    You should also check out the reveal of the Lincoln Nautilus at the Auto Show in Los Angeles and our most recent experience with their Navigator.

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    Words: Jon Carlo Tapia
    Photography: Jon Carlo Tapia & Chris Tapia
    Videography: Kevin Alcalde[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]