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  • Sea To Sky In The 2018 Lincoln Navigator

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    "The 2018 Lincoln Navigator Is Here"

    What is it about the open road that allures us? Is it the endless landscapes that await us in the distance? Is it the promise to explore new places as we embark into the unknown? Or is it the deeper conversations with the people that accompany us? Whatever your reason is, you can’t deny the excitement behind a planned or spontaneous road trip. We equally share that excitement with you all but there is always the worry of being stuck in a cramped backseat.

    Thankfully for our first road trip of the year, we had the pleasure to travel in Lincoln’s spacious and opulent Navigator in Vancouver. For 2018, Lincoln has taken their luxury SUV and completely transformed it. It has been three years since the Navigator has undergone any major updates. Now there are about fifty new features and many of which are best-in-class and Lincoln-exclusives. This comes as no surprise as it was named North American Truck of the Year.

    Upon our arrival, we were welcomed by the Navigator’s robust exterior and its massive signature grille. One of the brand’s most attractive features is the “Lincoln Embrace” where the LED lights come to life as the vehicle is approached. A step mat emerges from its sides and in turn, it facilitates your entry into its lightweight, high-strength aluminum-alloy body.

    The interior is wholly unique with an emphasis placed on functionality and luxury. We appreciated that every passenger has their own “floating” armrest and the trio of beautiful 10-inch screens. American craftsmanship was undoubtedly on display as we sunk into the soft leather seats and marveled at the matte finish wood panelling. Lincoln also debuted a brand new horizontal gear shifter that was inspired by the world’s finest pianos. Moreover, each button is engineered with a distinctive size and tactile feel to help the driver differentiate between them all. Also new is “Lincoln Connect” a 4G LTE WI-FI hotspot that enables up to ten devices to be connected at the same time. For those impromptu car karaoke sessions, the twenty-three speaker Revel Ultima Audio System produces impeccable sounds quality.

    The one of the major inspirations for the Lincoln Navigator was to really evoke a sense of homeyness on the road. No matter where we placed the SUV, it matched perfectly against the wilderness that surrounded us. This was most apparent with the adaptive cruise control that automatically accelerates and brakes for you. There are cameras with a birds-eye view of your surroundings. The drive was approximately two hours but time seemed to fly. Lincoln’s “Perfect Position” seats is made up of eleven independent air cushions, which delivers heat/cool ventilation, along with an optional massage component.

    It was a grey day in British Columbia and the clouds hung low over mountain peaks. Our first stop was at Porteau Cove Provincial Park, a 56-hectare oceanfront park, where we relaxed by the shore line from the comfort of the Navigator. As we continued up the province, we stopped at the Sea To Sky Gondola, which brings you approximately 885-metres above sea level. At the top, our eyes feasted on the coastal forest and the still mountain range before us. Upon our descent, we guided the SUV to the Four Seasons Whistler Resort. This mountainside getaway boasts three-hundred plus rooms that are well-appointed and we were charmed by its European-esque accents. The following day, we were whisked to the Whistler heliport for an ariel excursion with Blackcomb Helicopters. We rose above the pine trees and hovered beside the peaks, it was only then we realized the full scope of the Whistler’s mountainous landscape.

    Let us know about your next road trip and learn more about Lincoln here.

    Words: Abraham Berchan
    Photography: Marcus Troy