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  • Discussing Cannabis With Emerald Health

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    "Let's Discuss Cannabis, Shall We?"

    Within the few short weeks leading up to the nationwide legalization of cannabis in Canada, Emerald Health invited us to British Columbia on retreat of sorts to educate us about the nature of the plant and its properties. Nestled just a few meters from the shores of the Strait of Georgia, the Bowen Island lodge served as a perfect location for us disconnect and to learn cannabis.

    Besides the lingering stereotypes that are connected to the use of cannabis, there also seems to be a lack of understanding about its medicinal and therapeutic qualities. Through biology was where Emerald sought to start.

    Although it has existed for over six million years, the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) was only discovered in 1988. This system is found in every living animal except for insects. The ECS’ role is to bring biological balance our overall health and wellness. From our cells, tissues, organs, nervous and immune system – the ECS regulates it all.

    Whether it is by burning or ingesting, whenever a cannabinoid is introduced into the ECS, its two key components THC and CBD get picked up by the system’s receptor sites and begin to work to achieve its desired effects. THC is responsible for the way your brain and body respond to cannabis; it is the cause of the “high.” Whereas CBD inhibits the effects of the THC and has different effect on the body and acts more as a muscle relaxant and reduces physical pain.

    The quality of the cannabis strain also plays a highly important role in maintaining a healthy ECS. Emerald invited us to one of their greenhouses in British Columbia, where we were exposed to the intricate and highly controlled growing process.

    It is with this facility they hope to deliver consistency that is lacking within the industry. Through constant testing and experimentation Emerald is seeking to establish standards for the pharmaceutical and agricultural practices for cannabis. As your read through this, the construction has yet to come to an end at the facility. However, once it is completed, the greenhouse is expected to produce over ten thousand kilograms of cannabis per year.

    The most important takeaway from our time with Emerald is the importance they placed on responsible dosing. During an intimate evening with their CEO Chris Wagner, he stated that the company’s goal is that cannabis is consumed with the same purpose as Tylenol.

    The day is October 17th, 2018 and cannabis is now legal to be used for recreational purposes across Canada. The conversation, however, cannot stop. If we are going to discuss Cannabis, it is important for every aspect to be covered.

    We’re looking forward to continuing the conversation with you all.

    Learn more at Emerald.

    Words and Photography: Jon Carlo Tapia

    Photo of interior of greenhouse provided by Emerald.
    Photo of exterior of Bowen Island Lodge provided by the hotel.

    We encourage the responsible consumption of cannabis.