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  • Audi Presents The Future Of Progressive Automotive Luxury

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    "What we witnessed that evening was certainly a clear indication that Audi is excited for their brands future. The infectious energy had us eagerly awaiting the day we can get into the driver seat"

    The future of progressive automotive luxury was on full display at a recent event – held within the massive walls of the Arsenal Contemporary Art Gallery in Montreal. During the mid-nineteenth century, the building was a shipyard that built steamboats for almost one hundred years. Fast forward to September 13, 2018, the German luxury brand has docked what would represent their automotive future.

    Adding to the allure of an extravagant evening, Audi invited three renowned chefs to serve up delectable hors d’oeuvres. Behind the seafood bar stood Chef Chuck Hughes of Garde Manger and Le Bremner shucking fresh oysters and clams, while the other two, Chef Patrick Kriss and Chef Vikram Vij worked from behind the scenes to feed us savory fried chicken, beef tartare, and vegetarian curry dishes.

    As we waited for the big reveals, we mingled with the other invitees in attendance. We played a guessing game of sorts as to what Audi would be announcing. Some surmised that it would be a new car. Little did we know that it would be four of them.

    The fully redesigned all-new A6, A7, and A8 sedans as well as their first ever Q8 SUV.

    The Audi A6 is for the discerning individual− someone who likes to operate at a steady pace, someone cool, calm, and measured. The exterior echoes sophistication, with the characteristics of a seasoned athlete. Its muscular frame is accentuated by a coupe-like silhouette and single frame grille.

    The Audi A7 is built for speed. Its swooping sportback silhouette was one of the most refreshing designs we’ve seen in a performance-oriented sedan. When we placed our hands on the steering wheel, we dreamed of taking it out for a spin to see the integrated rear spoiler make an appearance.

    The last of the trio was the Audi A8, equipped with all the best technology and comfort that Audi has to offer. The presidential exterior features new tail light designs that animate as the car starts up. We gravitated to the rear passenger seats and played around with the removable touchscreen that allowed us to access the A8’s suite of luxury features.

    After perusing the new sedans, our attention was grabbed once again. At the far end of the 80,000 square foot space, the lights went low. The tall curtains that separated the reception area from the entrance dropped and lights began to shine upon the silhouette that looked like an SUV. The lights beamed steadily on the all-new Q8.

    The Q8 is the first of its kind for Audi − designed as the more youthful counterpart to its sibling, the Q7. This is expressed in its beefier fenders, which pays homage to the ur-quattro rally car, along with its new single frame front grille that stands out amongst Audi’s luxurious fleet. When we sat inside the car, we were impressed with the materials and textures. Paired with all-new features like a glossy dual 10.1-inch touchscreens, virtual cockpit, and frameless glass…whoever is in command of the Q8 is in for a multi-sensory experience.

    What we witnessed that evening was certainly a clear indication that Audi is excited for their brands future. The infectious energy had us eagerly awaiting the day we can get into the driver seat. For more information visit www.audi.ca/strivingmore

    Words and Photography: Marcus Troy

    This story was published in partnership with The Globe and Mail’s Globe Content Studio.