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  • The Best Of Both Worlds: 2019 BMW X4 M40i

    45.4215° N, 75.6972° W

    The 2019 X4 M40i delivers the performance that BMW’s M category is known for, while also offering the luxury that the brand does very well.

    As far as crossover SUV’s go, BMW’s X4 M40i is perhaps one of the most dazzling, starting with its engine. The X4’s inline-six with its 355-horsepower is no slouch. Its eight-speed automatic transmission quickly and smoothly takes the vehicle from 0 to 100 in 4.8 seconds. Couple that with BMW’s xDrive system and you get sharp handling and excellent responsiveness.

    The 21-inch wheels that hold up the X4 balances its fast back profile, while BMW’s signature kidney grille softens its aggressive styling. Our M40i was flanked with subtle carbon fiber mirrors.

    If you opt for the M40i edition like the one we drove, you’ll be rewarded every time you set foot into the vehicle. This is thanks to its satisfying start-up snarl and the sport-plus mode which accentuates that sound even more. Why settle for a sporty sedan or a large SUV when you can get the best of both worlds with the X4? 

    While there are certainly other options that exist, the X4 M40i offers the best of two worlds. It emphasizes the performance that BMW’s M category is known for, while also offering the luxury that the brand does very well. The sport seats are wrapped in vernasca leather and finished with red stitching that matches the Flamenco red exterior. It was easy to achieve a comfortable driving position and the three spoke steering wheel had a nice rigidness to it. 

    Although the X4 has uncommonly small rear passenger windows and low headspace, which made our taller passengers feel slightly cramped, the panoramic sunroof equipped on our model counteracted their sense of confinement.

    When it comes to being in the driver’s seat of the X4 M40i, we imagine it to be like the cockpit of a fighter jet. The heads up display has and will always be one of our favourite options to add to any BMW. Another option is the gesture-control system, which requires a bit of learning but is worth the effort to understand, as it keeps our eyes on the road while we can perform tasks like changing songs, controlling the volume, navigating, and taking phone calls. 

    The X4 is one of seven SUV variants that BMW has in their diverse fleet, but it is easily the most well-balanced. Whether its used for the city dweller, the adventurous, or the adrenaline seeker, it has something to offer everyone thanks to its manageable size, amenities, and performance.

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    Words & Photography: Jon Carlo Tapia