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  • What Is Your OBSESSION

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    "Calvin Klein OBSESSED is a reinvention of the brand’s iconic OBSESSION scent from the early 1990s"

    Calvin Klein has recently released its new fragrance, Calvin Klein OBSESSED, a reinvention of the brand’s iconic OBSESSION scent from the early 90s.

    The driving inspiration behind the new scent are the memories brought about by a past love. Calvin Klein has reinforced their campaign by unearthing never-before-seen imagery from their popular campaign with supermodel, Kate Moss, and Photographer, Mario Sorrenti, who were a couple at the time. If you remember the ads, you would immediately recognize the understated black and white photos that revealed a bare and makeup-less Moss. You can thank Raf Simons for revisiting the old OBSESSION campaign, as he looked for reference points that would stimulate genuine emotions to accompany the new OBSESSED fragrance. When asked to look back on the old photos, Sorrenti remembers his attention and his camera being completely focused on Moss during their relationship. His story serves as the perfect vehicle that drives the new scent today.

    With this in mind, the smell of Calvin Klein’s OBSESSED for Men fragrance is a gentle blend of sweet and spicy. Like a fond memory, it is warming and comforting. It contains accents of black vanilla, at its base, along with cedar leaves making up the heart. While the top notes are completed with grapefruit and cardamom.

    I can connect to Sorrenti’s feelings and the spirit of Calvin Klein’s OBSESSED scent very strongly. One of my greatest and most consistent obsessions is my connection to Tokyo, Japan – a city that I visit every year. It is the smell of the incense that the shopkeepers burn inside their stores that I remember that the most. Every time I use one inside my home or office, I am transported back to Tokyo. I see images of Tokyo’s streets, food, fashion, and people flashing through my mind.

    Find out more about OBSESSED on the Calvin Klein website, and purchase your bottle Sephora.

    Words: Marcus Troy
    Photography: Jon Carlo Tapia