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  • Three Steps To A Better Looking Beard With L’Oréal Barberclub

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    "L'Oréal Releases A Barber Inspired Grooming Range For Men"

    Nowadays, most of mankind is practicing some form of facial topiary. With their Men Expert Barber Club, L’Oreal has set out to produce a new skincare line for those bearded blokes. The following is a three-step regimen that can be easily implemented.

    For starters, the 3-in-1 Beard, Face, and Hair wash is a all-in-one solution. Apply some warm water to your beard and wash away any residue that may have gotten caught. For the second step, take a small dab of Beard & Face Moisturiser, which will help soothe any itchiness and rehydrate your skin. This product works best with short beards. Otherwise, for those with a longer beard, the Barberclub’s Beard Oil is the best option for conditioning and taming your facial hair. Finish off the process with the Beard & Hair Styling Cream in order to keep your hair and beard put together for the day.

    Fill your grooming cabinet with these products that are powered with Cedarwood Essential Oil. It’s perfect for relieving irritations and preventing bacteria proliferation, along with nourishing skin and hair.

    All of these products are purchasable here.

    Words: Abraham Berchan
    Photography: Spencer Edwards