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  • The Hair Dryer Of The Future

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    The hair dryer has been revolutionized by Dyson and has all the updates that brings it to the 21st century

    The Dyson hair dryer is an evolution of an everyday device that most would have thought works just fine. However, when you really think about it, your average hair dryer can get too hot, the air batters your face and it is most likely very loud. Overall, it is unnecessarily cumbersome. This has all been revolutionized by Dyson and their hair dryer has all the updates that brings it to the 21st century.

    Instead of having the motor at the top of the head, they have designed it to sit in the handle. That motor is Dyson’s digital V9, which spins on average six times faster than the motors on other hair dryers. When in use, the V9 plays a gentle hum that is completely unlike the brutish howl of older hair dryers. Coupled with their Air Multiplier technology, you get a significantly quieter, yet powerful hair dryer. The heat that it outputs is also managed by a glass bead thermistor and microprocessor that prevents damaging the hair.

    With three precise speed and four heat settings, the Dyson hair dryer is more than capable of delivering an even and quick drying experience. There are also three different attachments that connect magnetically to the head that allows for precise control of the air, along with flexibility when it comes to styling. There is a diffuser for curly hair, a smoothing nozzle for longer lengths, and a concentrator for direction and hold.

    Not to mention it is also lightweight and looks great.

    We have put the Dyson hair dryer through its courses at our Monsieur Troy grooming space and it has definitely impressed. The three meter power cord allows our barbers to move effortlessly around their clients, style better according to different hair types, and the noise is less maddening within the intimate setting we’ve created.

    Our barbers loved the weight, the sleekness and how the hair dryer felt in their hands. It felt good to show off the Dyson hair dryer to our clients and open a conversation about the company’s latest innovations. Just as we look for new and better ways to style our lives, adding the hair dryer has made it possible!

    Learn more about the Dyson hair dryer here.

    Words and Photography: Jon Carlo Tapia