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  • Trends: How To Dress For An Outdoor Wedding – Linen Suit Edition

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    I’ve attended a couple dozen weddings over the years (since my last wedding post) and I think I’ve finally mastered my wedding looks. The goal is to never look better than the groom, but you want to look respectable and stylish all at the same time. This weekend I attended a wedding that was slated to be outdoors and the weather was expected to be extremely hot. I decided to put together my guide on how to dress for an outdoor summer wedding.

    1. Linen Suit

    A linen suit is a must, especially when you are outdoors. It gets hot and sticky and you don’t want to be sweating on the inside of your clothes. I suggest a light-colored suit and it does not have to be 100% linen; I would settle for at least 50% linen.

    My Suit: Matinique

    2. Light Shirt

    I suggest that you wear a light-colored shirt (preferably white). The weight of the shirt is very crucial! You don’t want a heavy cotton or something that will weigh you down if you start sweating.

    My Shirt: Matinique

    3. Pocket Square

    You must, and I say you MUST have a handkerchief or a pocket square. You will need to dab your forehead when things get out of hand.

    My Pocket Square: Lanvin

    4. Sunnies

    Make sure you have a great pair of polarized sunglasses. It’s great to keep the sun out of your eyes for pictures and the bonus is that you get to see everything in sight without anyone knowing what you are looking at.

    My Sunglasses: Dita Transmission

    5. Tie

    I think a tie is a great way to look stylish and classic at the same time. I am all about switching things up and dressing new-age for a wedding, but be respectful of the crowd and the invited guest.

    My Tie: Canterbury of New Zealand

    6. Tie Clip

    I prefer the tie clip, it keeps you looking neat & tidy.

    My Tie Clip: Ties.com

    7. Socks

    Make your socks make a statement for you. Keep it funky, colorful and sexy. I would also suggest going sockless if you are comfortable with that style.

    My Socks: Happy Socks

    8. Shoes

    I will say go with Loafers or Monk straps in a leather or suede. Something comfortable, breathable and, of course, stylish. You can do the sneaker thing but again keep in mind your audience.

    My Shoes: Florsheim Monk Strap

    9. Belt

    I think belts are optional when you are wearing a suit that fits you well. A wise man once told me never wear a belt with a great suit.

    My Look after the jump