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  • The Lexus Master Class

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    "The 10,000 Hour Rule"


    There’s a popular theory that references the time it takes to become a master in any field. The theory, which is associated closely with author Malcolm Gladwell, states that one needs to clock-in ten thousand hours of “deliberate-practice” in order to be great at what they do. In a similar light, luxury automaker Lexus put together the “Master Class” experience, an initiative that highlights individuals who are experts at their craft. The first stop which began in Toronto, came to Montreal and we were invited to spend the day with them.

    Before our day began we were introduced to our chariot for the day, Lexus’ 2018 NX. The NX is a crossover SUV that serves as an approachable balance between sport and functionality. Placed at the front of the NX is Lexus’ expressive front grille that is flanked by knife-like headlights. Additional sporty details are seen through its wide-stance, a reshaped rear bumper, slimmer taillights, and well-placed edges that add to its curb appeal. However, if you’re in search for a more aggressive NX, we suggest you opt for the F Sport package. With that you’ll get a sharper grille, ornate rims, and F Sport badging. The NX is available in either a gasoline and hybrid engine. The first is a turbocharged, 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder engine that produces 235-horsepower, while the second outputs 194-horsepower with its electric and gasoline motors.

    The functionality and luxury of the NX was best expressed within the interior. The driver seat was cockpit-esque and we were impressed with the tactile elements of the centre stack. We knew driving around Montreal would be a breeze, thanks to the NX’s safety features like the blind-spot assistance and pre-collision system that alleviated the worry of getting into an accident on the crowded city streets. We didn’t get much of a chance to play around with the infotainment system, however, the touchpad made it quick and easy to access the navigation and audio menus.  

    Our first stop was a visit to the perfumer, Ruby Brown, where we learned about the art of perfumery and how to create our own scent. Miss Brown’s voyage into the perfume world began in Grasse, France, where she became enamoured with the art. After completing courses at the PerfumersWorld school, she came to Montreal to start here very own luxury perfume shop. After lunch at Tommy Cafe, we continued on to the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. Within its grandest hall, there’s a massive Organ called the Grand Orgue Pierre-Beique. This instrument has a total of four keyboards, 83 stops, 109 registers, 116 ranks and a total of 6,489 pipes. We met one of the one of the Orchestra’s Organist and listened to him play on the magnificent organ. Finally, our last stop before dinner was portraits with local photographer, Marie-Eve Levesque. The photographer has been recognized for her honest portraiture and soft touch that she layers upon her images. The evening was capped at Cafe Bazin, a quaint bistro headed by Pastry Chef Bertrand Bazin. With the successful Chef Antonio Park as his partner, the duo aim to serve a delectable menu of desserts, coffee, and bistro-style dishes.

    It was definitely inspiring to see my fellow entrepreneurs in the element. At the surface, we only see the end result and the hours of practice goes overlooked. If we look deeper, there’s a method to it all. Just as you can look at Lexus’ NX and see there are little details and expert craftsmanship that make it the reason why car one of the best selling SUVs in its segment.

    Learn more about the 2018 Lexus NX here.

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    Words: Marcus Troy
    Video: Olly Evergreen[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]