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  • The 2017 IS200t Is Lexus’ Red Rocket

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    "The Perfect Welcome To Lexus' Performance Division"

    Lexus’ 2017 IS 200t RWD is the perfect introduction to their F Sport badge. Its four-door body adds a nice touch of comfort and functionality, while the sleek and aggressively wide spindle grille and large intakes speaks to speed and performance. The finer details include an updated chrome exhaust, sharp LED headlights, and LFA-inspired wheels. Underneath the hood, there’s 2.0 litre twin-scroll turbocharged inline-4 engine that produces a gratifying 241-horsepower and 258-lbs of torque, along with a 8-speed automatic transmission that allows for optimal gear shifting.

    If you’re familiar with Lexus’ LFA supercar, you’ll notice subtle nods to the iconic vehicle. One of the most prominent is the circular digital dash that can be likened to the LFA, which coolly slides off to the side to reveal performance-oriented information when the 200t is switched to “Sport” mode. At that point, the weight of the steering and the feel for the suspension tightens up. The true cunningness of the 200t is revealed and the lightweight sedan responds eagerly to the spots you direct it to. When you’re driving in the other two modes, the ride is expectedly muted but it feels smooth and quiet.

    When you move into the cabin, you’ll be introduced to more F Sport components like Lexus branded scuff plates, a tactile shift knob, and well-sized 3-spoke steering wheel. But throughout all of its sportiness, the luxury is still present within the cabin starting with the leather wrapped steering wheel, the genuine leather seating, and the analog clock sitting at the centre of the dashboard.

    The only downside is the lack of a navigation system that should typically run standard. We rely, more than ever, on our smartphones and/or GPS devices to provide us with directions, so it seems strange that Lexus would leave it out. Especially when the IS 200t carries their F Sport badge. Nonetheless, it doesn’t take away from the driving dynamics nor the overall styling of the car itself.

    The 2017 IS 200t is a great option for anyone looking for a vehicle that balances both performance and luxury.

    Learn more at Lexus.

    Words & Photography: Jon Carlo Tapia