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  • My Life: My visit To The Converse Grammy Lounge

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    converse grammy lounge-marcus troy 2

    I was out in Los Angeles a few weeks ago during the Grammys and I was invited to the Converse Grammy gift lounge. A gifting lounge (usually by appointment only) is the type of place celebrities get to visit when there is a huge event happening. They get to visit these type of places to pick up all the free swag brands have to offer. If you can remember that episode of Sopranos where Christopher and his partner happen to be following Sir Ben Kingsley to the Oscar gifting suite? Yeah sort of like that.

    This Grammy gifting lounge was set up at the Converse offices in LA.They had food, drinks and a bunch of snacks and magazines to go trough, they even had personal shoppers to help you pick put your outfits.

    converse grammy lounge-marcus troy 6

    Yeah they even had valet….I pulled up in a Chevy and it wasn’t the good kind.

    converse grammy lounge-marcus troy 4

    The wall was adorned with some sick Converse artwork, kind of reminds me the OG Nom De Guerre logo and design.

    converse grammy lounge-marcus troy

    The Converse Grammy gifting lounge was set up at the Converse offices. They had everything at your disposal, food, drinks, snacks and magazine. You even had a personal shopper to help you pick out stuff! Really cool experience!

    converse grammy lounge-marcus troy 3

    Some of the products you could choose from.

    converse grammy lounge-marcus troy 1

    converse grammy lounge-marcus troy 7

    They told me I could take whatever I wanted so I grabbed some John Varvatos shirts, jeans and a pair of red kicks! In retrospect I should have grabbed the leather jacket as well but I did not think it would fit in my luggage.

    The product selection was amazing, they had everything from the comme des garcon collaboration to the red leather jackets and even the Hiroshi collab. I should have grabbed the Comme Des Garcons as well…oh well next time.

    Thanks to my Converse Family for the Invite and the love.



    Some beautiful architecture outside the Converse offices