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  • My Life: 24 Hours In Tremblant With Veuve Clicquot @VeuveClicquot #Clicquot24h

    20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_7486 20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_7741 20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_7590 20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_7672 20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_7547 20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_8420 20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_8442 20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_8448 20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_7803 20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_7816 20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_7906 20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_8017 20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_8119 20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_7982 20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_7978 20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_8125 20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_8574 20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_8740 20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_8746 20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_8816 20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_8793 20151206_VeuveClicquot_24hTremblant_ExpressMedia_BG_8828Last weekend, we headed an hour north from Montreal to the snowy town of Mount Tremblant with Veuve Clicquot to help them support the annual 24 hours of skiing fundraiser. It is a charity event that benefits the Fondation Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau, the Ottawa Senators Foundation and the Tremblant Foundation. All the funds are raised on behalf of sick or special-needs children.

    The 24h of Skiing is the largest fundraising event of any skiing community in North America. In total, Veuve Clicquot was able to raise $47,561 and that put them in third place for the most raised! It was great to see everyone come together and raise funds in support of children in need. Congratulations!