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    “When you Drive, Never Drink”

    Formula One is much more than achieving break neck speeds, behind the excitement and the otherworldly speeds, lies an underlying tone. Since the announcement of their partnership, Heineken and Formula One have championed a campaign that promotes responsible driving in the face of consuming alcoholic beverages. The campaign conveys a simple message, “When You Drive, Never Drink.” One of their most important spokesperson is three-time Formula One World Champion and Heineken brand ambassador, Sir Jackie Stewart.

    Besides his successes behind the wheel, Mr. Stewart was also a outspoken racing safety advocate and was also instrumental in establishing crucial safety rules like the mandatory use of seatbelt and helmet for all racers. Moreover, his personal commitment to never drive under the influence made Sir Jackie Stewart the best candidate for Heineken’s campaign.

    On Sunday, we took to the track to experience Formula One up close and personal with Heineken. To wholly-promote this anti-drunk message, we wore Heineken jackets emblazoned with the “When You Drive, Never Drink” slogan on the back. On tap was Heineken’s non-alcoholic 0.0% beer, which still had the brand’s signature flavour without the risk of going overboard.

    The day was spent going back and forth from the Heineken Fan Zone area to the paddocks. We wandered pit lane and the grid, bumping into celebrities like singer Ciara, footballer Russell Wilson, and supermodel, Winnie Harlow. When the cars took the grid, we watched eagerly from above the garages.

    In the end, it was Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari who crossed the finish line first. This marks a special moment for the racing team as they also celebrated the fortieth anniversary of Gilles Villeneuve win at the track.

    The simple rule of thumb to not drink and drive is something we can’t emphasize enough. We implore you to drink responsibly and to always have a designated driver accessible or request a cab when you’re out and about.

    Learn more about Heineken’s “When You Drive, Never Drink” campaign here.

    Words & Photography: Abraham Berchan