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  • Introducing ARMOIRE’s Statement Collection

    45.5017° N, 73.5673° W

    "ARMOIRE's Statement collection features a number of silk-screened tees, embroidered sweaters, all of which are constructed from premium materials."

    At its core, Armoire is an “Ideas Company.” While one may notice at first glance the assortment of tees and sweaters but upon a closer look, you’ll find there are also books, condiments, furniture, accessories, drink and table ware.

    Featured here is their inaugural “Statement” collection.

    Silk screened by hand in ARMOIRE’s statement and cursive font. The first is finished with a ARMOIRE patch on bottom left, while the cursive tee features their “Ideas That Travel” tag.

    The TWICE AS HARD crewneck sweatshirt features a double embroidery hit ARMOIRE’s signature cursive font. First with a raised 3D hit and flattened one beneath. The reason behind this is to serve as a reminder that some of us have to work TWICE AS HARD to make it in this world.

    The Peace Disruptor hoodie features a hand-drawn print of The Black Panthers by artist, Aaron Stan. It’s inspired by the photography of Stephen Shames. It’s complemented with a 3D ARMOIRE embroidery in signature cursive font. 

    Each ARMOIRE hoody has a SAFETY ON tag at the crown of the hood and SAFETY OFF at the back. These subtleties are used as a reminder of negative narrative surrounding hoodies.

    Both the hoodies and the crewnecks are finished with their signature embroidered “lock-and-key” trinity logo on the left arm. 

    You can browse the rest of the collection online at ARMOIRE.