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  • The Vans x Van Gogh Collection

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    "The Van Gogh Museum will dedicate its profits from this project to preserve Van Gogh’'s legacy and collection of art, keeping it accessible for future generations"

    As one of the most influential painters of all time, Vincent Van Gogh’s art has been one of the most sought after by collectors and museums. Paintings of such a high caliber are inaccessible to the masses due to the fact that a price tag of millions is attached to it. As a result one generally enjoys Van Gogh’s masterpieces from a distance.

    This has changed with the help of footwear brand Vans, who has collaborated with the Van Gogh museum to release a special collection featuring some of the artist’s most iconic works.

    This isn’t the first time the museum has collaborated with a brand but this marks one of the first times that owning a piece of Van Gogh’s work has been the most accessible. This is thanks to the pricing of the collection which starts at $40 and stops at $140.

    Available August 3rd, the Vans x Van Gogh Museum consists of five specific pieces from the artist’s collection: Skull, Sunflowers, Almond Blossom, Self-Portrait as a Painter, and Old Vineyard with Peasant Woman.

    Take a closer look at the collection online at Vans.

    Words and Photography: Jon Carlo Tapia