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  • An Introduction To Bottega Veneta’s Pour Homme

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    "Bottega Veneta's Pour Homme Parfum Is The Brand's Latest Scent"

    Bottega Veneta’s Pour Homme Parfum is a new scent that joins their existing line up of fine fragrances. It all started in 2013 with Pour Homme, followed by Pour Homme Extreme in 2015, and most recently Pour Homme Essence Aromatique in 2016. The point of difference between the previous three is that the latest scent is focused as an Eau de Parfum.

    This makes it an oilier scent that will last much longer than Eau de Toilettes and Colognes. As it dissipates during the day, the other notes of the scent become noticeable. The brand has also kept the packaging true to its original form with the exception of the Murano glass bottle being expressed black with golden details.

    The Parfum is a bolder and more luxurious interpretation of the original. As soon as it touches your skin, you’ll pick up woody and spicy aromas of cedar leaf and cardamom, increased by the heart of red pimento and fir resin. At the base sits a sensual leather accord fused with tonka bean and labdanum.

    We recommend wearing this scent on a cool Saturday morning just before heading out for brunch. Spray it on the base of your neck and that’s all you will need for the day.

    Learn more about the fragrance at Bogetta Veneta.

    Words & Photography: Jon Carlo Tapia