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  • A Midtown Oasis: The Park Hyatt New York

    40.7829° N, 73.9654° W

    "Like ghosts in the night, we drifted in and out of the Park Hyatt"

    Within the multitude of buildings that tower over New York’s streets, there’s one that hides an oasis. Located on 57th & 7th, the Park Hyatt New York is that place. The front entrance is minimalist, just as it is grandiose. It’s as if you are crossing past the gates of some palace.

    There’s no front desk, just a small stand where an attendant stands ready to greet the hotel’s new arrivals and returning guests. A majestic spiral staircase ascends into the ceiling. However, this isn’t where we checked in. Instead, our bags were taken from our hands and we were immediately directed to a set of elevators that will take you up into the actual lobby.

    When we exited the elevators we walked past the “Living Room” bar. A lofty lounge that was directly inspired by posh Manhattan apartments. Massive floor to ceiling windows illuminate the space. There are big sofas and large chaises that we could not wait to fall into.

    As soon as we unlocked the doors to our one bedroom suite, our mouths were agape. Like the Living Room bar downstairs, the solarium-like windows went from end to end. A view of the famous Carnegie Hall was to our left and 57th Street rested below. A lengthy sofa was strategically placed by the window – a perfect place for meditation and contemplation. The bed was wrapped in soft Italian linens, the counter of our bathroom was fully stocked with Le Labo grooming products, and the deep soaker tub and rainfall shower gave us options on how we wanted to end our day.

    On our busiest days we opted for lunch in our suite, the room service was timely and the food was fresh. The waiter would announce himself with a gentle tap on the door. Both hands were gingerly on the handles of handsome trolley that carried our orders. On the top sat the plates, cutlery, and fresh flowers. So we sat, feasting on club sandwiches, grass-fed burgers and fries, mulling on about current events and irrelevant pop culture references. When it came time to unwind, we would take the elevator to the Spa Nalai on the 25th floor.

    Like ghosts in the night, we drifted in and out of the Park Hyatt. Appearing at the gym in the early morning and unwinding at the Living Room bar for cocktails. If we needed to step out, we would retrace our steps and take the discreet entrances behind the lower lobby to our Lincoln.

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    Words & Photography: Jon Carlo Tapia

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