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  • 48 Hours In Quebec City

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    "You'll be staying within the walls of its Old City, which is the only fortified city North of Campeche City in Mexico"


    Time is a precious commodity for some of us and we understand that taking time off doesn’t seem like a it could be a reality. Not because you can’t but sometimes, we find ourselves lost in our work, whether we are passionate about it or not. In our latest travel series, we spend an allotted amount of time in places that we think that you should visit. Once you arrive, you can choose to disconnect, or you can share your travels with us and your friends.

    With that being said, you only have 48 hours in Quebec City, what do you do? where do you eat? what should you go see? You’ll be staying within the walls of its Old City, which is the only fortified city North of Campeche City in Mexico. You will be introduced to its European charm and it will feel like you are somewhere in France but didn’t have to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

    Scroll down to begin our 48 hours guide to Quebec City.


    Catch your flight, 10:00 AM.
    If you’re planning a weekend jaunt into Quebec City from Toronto, you’ll be able to fly out right from the convenience of Billy Bishop. Porter Airlines has a few options that can save you from a weekend of long driving. We would also recommend renting a car for the weekend, as Old Quebec is about a thirty-minute drive from Quebec’s Jean Lesage airport.

    Check-in, 12:00 PM.
    Your accommodations for the weekend will be at the Hotel Le Germain, which is located at the base of Quebec’s Old City. The building was originally the home of the Germain-Dominion bank, while the other adjacent building was formerly a market. You’ll appreciate the cozy lobby that is filled with plush seating. If your room isn’t ready when you arrive, take a seat in front of the wood burning fireplace.

    Grab a late lunch at Buffet de L’Antiquaire, 2:00 PM.
    This restaurant is just a few steps away from the hotel. There you will find them serving all-day breakfast, as well as traditional Quebecois fare such as different variations of poutine, a dish consisting of french fries, gravy and cheese curds, and tourtiere, a meat pie that can be made from finely minced veal, beef or pork.

    Explore Your Surroundings, 4:00 PM.
    You’ll be doing a lot of walking for the next few hours so be sure to pack a pair of boots that are comfortable to walk in, along with a warm coat and layers. As you walk through the narrow alleyways, you will be entranced by the French style stone buildings, many of which had stood there for centuries. Along the way, there are numerous art galleries and shops that you can wander in.

    Visit the German Christmas Market, 5:00 PM.
    To enhance the European-esque experience during your time in Quebec City, be sure to visit the German Christmas Market. Located at the center of the Old City at l’Hôtel-de-Ville, you’ll find a small village of wooden villages that offer handcrafted goods, and tasty German treats like bratwurst, mulled wine, and gingerbread.

    If you missed the German Christmas Market check out the upcoming events here.

    Dinner at Le Repaire, 6:30 PM.
    Le Repaire, which translates to the Lair in english, is a secluded restaurant that is tucked in between one of the many alleyways of the city. They are great at preparing fresh game like rabbit and duck is a pub style setting.

    Grab a drink at L’Oncle Antoine, 8:00 PM.
    If you’re in the mood for a night cap, L’Oncle Antoine, is a short walk away from Le Repaire. Set clandestinely in the stone cave-cellar of one of the city’s oldest surviving houses (dating from 1754), this great tavern pours out excellent Québec microbrews (try the Barberie Noir stout or the strong Belgian-style Fin du Monde), several drafts (en fût) and various European beers.


    Breakfast, 9:00 AM.
    Le Germain’s continental breakfast is one the best we’ve had. It’s stocked with fresh fruit, Quebec cheeses, yogurts, and a selection of pastries.

    Visit Chateau Frontenac, 10:30 AM.
    Built in 1893, the Chateau Frontenac was destined to be one of the most grandest hotels in the world, and one of the most photographed. Today, it continues to serve out its purpose as a luxury Fairmont hotel. Moreover, no matter where you may be headed around Old Quebec, it seems that all paths will lead you to the hotel.

    Walk along the Citadel Walls, 11:00 AM.
    As you walk by the majestic Chateau Frontenac, there are a set of stairs that will lead you to the Citadelle of Quebec. The fortress was originally built by the French and later expanded upon by the British following the Battle of Plains of Abraham. Today, the Citadelle is the oldest military building in Canada and it’s still an active installation.

    Brunch at Le Clocher Pencher, 12:30 PM.
    A Quebec City mainstay, Le Clocher Penché opened more than 10 years ago in the heart of the Saint-Roch neighborhood, greatly contributing to making Saint-Roch the city’s new food destination. Le Clocher Penché’s comforting menu changes through the seasons, and is served by professional and friendly servers, making the restaurant feel like a second home. Weekend brunches are exceptional and should not be missed.

    Take in the “Library at Night” Exhibition at the Museum of Civilization, 2:00 PM.
    The Library at Night is a virtual exploration of 10 of the world’s most fascinating libraries. It was designed by the Ex Machina production company and its artistic director, multidisciplinary artist Robert Lepage, based on an original idea by BAnQ. This ambitious project uses the Oculus Rift virtual-reality technology to propose a voyage through time, and around the world, to 10 mythic places—an immersive and sensory adventure that involves both our intelligence and our memory.

    Dinner at Cafe Le St-Malo, 7:00PM.
    Tonight, you’ll be experiencing traditional French cuisine in a warming bistro setting. Le St-Malo only seats a few people at a time and small candles illuminate the white clothed tabletops. We recommend that you order the escargot and french onion soup. Then continue with the mussels marinara and grilled blood sausages with apple.

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    Words & Photography: Jon Carlo Tapia
    Videography: Kevin Alcalde

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