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  • What #FeedYourLife Means To Me

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    "My travel’s Feed My Life and I genuinely enjoy bringing the tastes that I have picked up from Tokyo back home to Montreal"

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    Whenever I travel I always try to take home with me a piece of my experiences. Last year, I was in a dimly lit restaurant in Harajuku, Tokyo, where the Chef prepared a traditional Japanese meal. One of the most memorable dishes was a hearty bowl of Ramen soup that immediately caused my mouth to water. It’s as if the flavours and the aromas were imprinted my mind and I left the restaurant inspired by the chef’s creation and presentation. This feeling followed me back home to Montreal. I was excited to host my closest friends and family to dinner and I was looking forward to sharing experience in Japan with them.

    Whenever I am on the hunt for ingredients for a new recipe, I draw inspiration from my travels abroad. There is a market in Montreal that I frequent whenever I need the freshest ingredients and produce. Every time I walk amongst the rows of vegetables and into the tiny speciality shops, It reminds me of the open air markets in Barcelona. The energy is contagious and it makes me want to book another trip.

    Not only do I want to live a healthier life in 2018, I also wanted to share more of my tastes with the ones closest to me. The new Vitamix E310 Explorian machine has been our sidekick and helped us accomplish our nutrition goals. With controls that allow us to refine every texture, from the chunkiest salsas to the smoothest purees, there’s no limitation as to what we can put together up. So when the inspiration kicks in, I’m reminded of my travels, and  there is always one essential tool at my disposal – a Vitamix blender.

    Vitamix’s new Explorian series machines are available in Canada, as of today!

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    Words: Marcus Troy
    Video: Kevin Alcalde & Olly Evergreen