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  • Trends: The Duffle Coat – Tokyo

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    Nanamica Insulated Duffle CoatNonnative Men's Sailor Duffle Coat By BellandiPenfield Landis Duffle CoatThe duffle coat was originally worn by British sailors in World War 1. It was fittingly dubbed the duffle because the woollen materials used to create the coat came from the town of Duffel in Antwerp. The heavy woollen material used for the duffle coat could withstand the harsh conditions of the sea and it continued to be worn throughout World War 2.

    After a couple of design changes in between World War 1 and 2, the duffle coat was finalized into the classic knee-length piece that is seen today. The first duffle coats that were first issued came in a camel-coloured hue but nowadays navy is the popular choice.

    There are many variations of the duffle coat but the leather fastenings, three or four toggle closures running down the front, two pockets on the sides, and a large hood up top will always be distinctly a part of the coat’s aesthetic.

    While exploring the streets of Tokyo, we spotted tons of duffle coats on the backs of the citizens. Paired with either a pair of New Balances or Red Wing boots, each individual we came across had their own way of sporting the duffle coat.

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