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    "The Temple in Zhengzhou is still considered an important school of Buddhism to this day"

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    Zhengzhou is located in the Henan Province of China; it is one of the country’s fastest growing cities with an estimated population of nine million plus. Despite its exponential growth, it has preserved every detail of its history. As a country, China has recorded history of 5,000 years thus making it one of the world’s earliest civilizations. With that being said, we ventured to Zhengzhou to take in their rich heritage, bustling urban life and more.

    Our accommodations for the duration of our stay was at the Sheraton Zhengzhou hotel, which is conveniently located to nearby shopping complexes, restaurants, and the Chinese High Speed Railway. It was from there where we could step out and see the expansive urban landscape and the wide intersections that guide the citizens as they go about their day. Not far is the city’s most ancient relics and gardens. It is a place where the past and the future meet almost seamlessly.

    Our trip began with a visit to Millennium City Park, which is home to structures belonging to the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). Their Dragon Pavilion Lake is a grand cultural garden, while the Iron Padoga (which actually built from bricks) gets its name from the Iron-like colour it has developed over centuries. We then ventured to Jiaozuo, a city that sits on the northern bank of the Yellow River. There, we came to see the Yuntai Mountain and its breathtaking landscape. The Yuntai waterfall is 314 meters tall and looks as if it is connecting the land to the sky. We traversed its lush trails to reach Cornel Peak, the highest peak of Yuntai Mountain, which is about 1,308 meters (4,291 feet) above sea level. We paid a visit to Relic Park of Sui and Tang Dynasties. At its peak, the Tang Dynasty established China as one of the strongest companies during the ancient era. And what we saw during our time there was the remnants of their former glory!

    One of our favourite moments was visiting the Shaolin Temple and the Songyang Academy. The Temple in Zhengzhou is still considered an important school of Buddhism to this day. The Academy was created in the 8th year of Taihe, during the reign of Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei Dynasty. Up until this day, it has served as a quiet place for scholars to disconnect, step away from worldly distractions, and focus on learning. Within the temple, students learn about the Shaolin Kung Fu, the art of meditation, as well as Buddhism’s religious practices.

    Words & Photography: Naskademini

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