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    "Generator Hotels is a new breed of boutique hostels"

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    A month ago, we had the opportunity to discover first hand what hostel living is all about. Generator Hotels is a new breed of boutique hostels have invited us out to London to experience one of their locations situated in the center of the city near the King’s Cross tube. The word hostel has developed a negative connotation over the years but Generator in my opinion are doing a fantastic job of cleaning up the ever growing space of budget travel. While Generator prices are a bit more than your standard priced hostels, it is well worth the extra penny for added comfort , quality, security and service while still coming in a lot cheaper than your average hotel stay in London.

    The hostel itself has a great Hotel-esque lobby, with customer service representatives ready to serve and check you in effortlessly. The rooms are all equipped with keycard lock security and a fast open wifi connection. If you want some privacy you can either book yourself a private room with your own private shower or you can choose to share your room with other guest in a dorm type setting. Each floor and room of the hostel are beautifully designed by the people over at the Canadian based company The Design Agency. They did a great job in bringing a contemporary and stylish feel to an old building that once housed a police station. The owners of the Generator group  are aiming for a boutique feel and experience to what people have come to know as the typical run down and poorly managed hostel space. The Generator group have already built a portfolio of properties accomplishing just that, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Hamburg, Venice and of course London. They are also rumoured to be coming to North America in the near future!

    At The Generator, on site you will find a variety of things to get into; board games, table games and they even have a movie room which screens classic movies twice a week. If you are more of the party type, they have a great bar/night club which host a variety of different events weekly to keep the social butterflies happy.

    Check out some of the photos our Generator experience in London.

    Words: Marcus Troy
    Photography: Naskademini


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