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  • SONY & Kaz Shirane Debuts An Immersive Art Installation In New York City

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    "To celebrate this new tech, Sony has enlisted world renowned visual artist KAZ Shirane to create an art installation that utilizes the A1E BRAVIA BRAVIA OLED TV"

    Whether it be cameras, audio systems, or televisions, Sony has consistently delivered devices that satisfy the visual needs of creatives and consumers alike. With that thought in mind, we likened their new A1E BRAVIA OLED TV to a picture frame. And like a picture frame, it was designed to be a work of art, something you display proudly in your home. Above all, the A1E is there to provide entertainment, to bring friends and family together to watch movies, sports, share funny videos on youtube, and more. Its one slate mould solidly supports the brilliant 55-inch and 65-inch 4K HDR screen. Within that slate is an integrated subwoofer that outputs powerful bass. Moreover, when paired with what Sony calls an Acoustic Surface, a new innovation that places the speakers directly behind the screen, the listening experience becomes more fulfilling. All of this combine for a completely seamless and minimalistic design.

    To celebrate this new tech, Sony has enlisted world renowned visual artist KAZ Shirane to create an art installation that utilizes the A1E BRAVIA BRAVIA OLED TV. The site-specific installation was built at the Westwood Gallery in New York City and we had the opportunity to visit the space with Sony. What we witnessed was a sensational tunnel-like installation made from reflective geometric panels. As you walk in you are immediately immerse in different spectrums of light. While multiple A1E TV’s projected colourful imagery and produced high-fidelity sound.

    Printed upon the walls of the gallery was the word EVOLVE.

    We asked KAZ what that word meant to him and how it connected to  the installation. He answered by presenting a scaled-down version of the geometric panels and explained that the piece can be turned in whichever way and it will fit. According to KAZ, it is in the versatility and adaptability of the piece that serves as a metaphor for our human ability to use our minds to influence change.

    If you’re not familiar with KAZ Shirane, he is a Tokyo-based artist that has been internationally recognized for his work in spatial art, architecture and interior design. His latest series of art installations titled “WINK Space” and “Light Origami” puts individuals in the designer’s place by simply entering the space.

    Learn more about Sony’s A1E BRAVIA OLED TV here.

    Words & Photography: Jon Carlo Tapia