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  • Retail: 3×1 Denim Boutique – New York City (Best Denim Store)

    Last week when I was in New York City I visited a new denim shop that was probably the best denim store I’ve seen in my life. I want you to think Bespoke Denim all made in house by qualified seamstresses.

    This shop is a must see in New York city.

    The denim rages from 300 to 1500 (For a custom fit & pair)

    Denim designer/entrepreneur Scott Morrison announces the launch of his new denim brand line, 3×1.  The name is derived from denim’s standard weaving construction, the 3×1 RHT (Right Hand Twill).  The ‘3 by 1’ in (3×1) also represents Morrison’s third concept/founding of a jeans brand. His first company, Paper Denim & Cloth, launched in 1999 and proved to be at the forefront of the premium denim market, while his second denim brand, Earnest Sewn, launched in 2004, and was one of the first to focus exclusively on American heritage products and one of the pioneers of incorporating 3rd party brands and strategic collaborations into his retail concept.

    Following the success of his first two brands, Morrison sought to create something that could not be replicated, and in the process, capture the uniqueness of New York City, the place he calls home.   3×1 (Made Here) is inspired not only by the city, but also by the people, the heightened pace, the international culture and its manufacturing and apparel legacy, each completely unique to NYC.    3×1’s offering of men’s and women’s denim products are each in of themselves limited-edition styles, as the in-house production is limited to between 8-24 pieces of any given style, and less than 25 pieces are made per day.  A bespoke denim service is also offered, allowing patrons to work individually with Morrison and his pattern-maker to create his or her own pair of jeans from start to finish. The fabric selection offered to customers consists of more than 60 unique selvedge denims from around the world (primarily for men), and as many as 50 varieties of denims and twills specific to women.

    Based in Manhattan’s SOHO District, the ‘3×1 Made Here’ brand experience is part retail store and part gallery space, with a complete jean manufacturing facility at its center.  Shoppers can watch jeans being constructed from start to finish behind three glass-walled rooms within the retail store.  Sewers, cutters, patternmakers, and designers are all completely immersed in their process, and customers are offered a one of a kind perspective and experience into how jeans are designed, developed and produced.  Never before has there been a store concept that marries the production process with the retail environment, and by design, Morrison has achieved a level of transparency that is the first of it’s kind, anywhere in the world.

    “People love to learn how things are made, at least I always have, and there’s something magical about seeing the process itself.  Perhaps it’s a sign of the times, but the thought that seems most relevant to me today is one of transparency, value, and uniqueness.”  To facilitate his unique vision, 3×1 incorporates each of the processes of design, patternmaking and sewing quite literally into their modern gallery/retail/work space and the result is like nothing you’ve ever seen.   “It’s a bit like looking into, and working in, Santa’s workshop” says Morrison.

    ‘3×1 Made Here’ is located at 15 Mercer Street, on the same block as other fashion notables such as Alexander Wang and around the corner from Opening Ceremony.  The 4,000 square foot retail space is open to the public on Wednesday – Sunday (11am – 7pm), while bespoke appointments are typically reserved for Monday and Tuesday.   In addition to 3×1’s line of men’s and women’s denim, bespoke jeans, and fashion accessories, the store will also offer a few select brands, products, and unique items that share the brand’s ideology pertaining to quality, attention to detail, and exclusivity.


    15 Mercer St.

    NY, NY 10013



    Courtesy of 3×1 | Photographer Ian Allen