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  • In Search Of Tranquility At The Monastère des Augustines

    46.8139° N, 71.2080° W

    "Where Tradition Meets Modernity"

    Situated in the middle of Old Québec, the centuries old Monastère des Augustines is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Hôtel-Dieu de Québec, which the monastery is a part of, was the birthplace of the first hospital on the continent, north of Mexico.

    To stay at Le Monastère des Augustines is as if you are living in between two worlds. One world is the old, where remnants of the religious life its’ previous inhabitants followed are still one of the defining features of the Monastery. The other world is the modern, where the Monastery’s traditional rooms have been subtly refreshed, and contemporary rooms have been created that are still synonymous with the simplicity and tranquility of Monastic life. Despite the Monastery’s updates, the sanctity of the grounds perseveres. This aura is maintained by the religious artwork that hangs upon the walls, and the original furniture that occupies the hallways and rooms. The commonality that binds the two worlds within the Monastery is the desire to heal.

    The Monastery is geared towards wellness. The restaurant serves up healthy dishes made using local ingredients and the flavours change according to the time of the year. For a complete experience, you can participate in one of the many workshops that are offered throughout your stay. Our favourite moments during our stay the silent breakfast. A time in the morning where we weren’t allowed to speak to each other while we ate. It felt good to be without our smartphones nor small talk, even it was for a short amount of time. 

    If you are looking for a quiet place that provides the same amenities as a hotel but without the hustle and bustle, we recommend that you spend a weekend at Monastère des Augustines. 

    Learn more about the Monastery here.

    Words: Marcus Troy

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