The winter months can make going about your day-to-day routine pretty challenging, and quite taxing on the body and mind. It’s no surprise that many of us want to escape the cold weather for a few days for a much needed break – especially when the holidays are coming up and you’ve worked hard all year. You’ve certainly earned it! For us, travelling off to an all-inclusive resort just before Christmas time is the best way to unwind. What we particularly like about all-inclusive packages is that they are generally hassle-free. Food and drinks are taken care of, and there’s a number of activities offered that you can partake in during your stay. Plus, you’ll return just in time to spend Christmas with your family and friends.  

If there’s one thing that can be stressful before any trip, it’s what to pack for it – especially when you’re in winter mode and you find yourself needing to pack for warm weather. You’ll want to pack light, but you can often get carried away and bring an unnecessary amount of clothes. To give you a hand, we’ve put together a list of essential items you should pack in your suitcase. The list ranges from clothing, footwear, accessories, and grooming tools, as well as reading material to take in as you spend your day on the sandy shores.

When it comes to clothing, you’ll want to pack fairly lightweight pieces, preferably shirts and button-ups that are made with linen and cotton. That said, the same rule applies to packing pants and shorts. We also recommend packing collared shirts, as most a la carte restaurants have dress code rules. On the footwear front, don’t feel obliged to pack multiple pairs of shoes. Bring a pair of canvas sneakers with a thick sole for comfort, as well as a pair of sandals, and easy to wear loafers to match your semi-formal looks for dinner. As for accessories, you’ll want to pack a hat or two because there will definitely be plenty of sun.

If you’re feeling inspired to book yourself a trip – we’re sure you deserve it! – head over to They made booking our trip super easy, and they have all the details spelled out for you so that you don’t have to do any digging yourself (the goal is to take a break from work!).

Packing List:

Linen shirts
Swimming trunks


Bucket hat
Baseball cap

Reading material
A good book – preferably a fantasy novel or classic

Sunscreen lotion


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