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  • Start Your Morning With Our Go To Green Smoothie

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    "What is all the hype with green smoothie anyway"

    Having a morning ritual is very important because it sets the tone for the rest of the day. If there’s one thing I can share about my routine that I think you guys should replicate it’s my morning green smoothie.

    What is all the hype with green smoothies anyway? Besides it’s eye-catching colour, it’s actually a great source of vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients that can help improve your overall health and well-being. However, not all green juices are made equal. Depending on the amount and the kind of fruit you put inside, the smoothie can be packed with an unnecessary amount of sugar – berries are the best option as they are lower in sugar.

    It’s also important to choose the right base, as it can help with the consistency of the smoothie and make feel nice and creamy. Avocados are typically the first choice but frozen bananas, pears and mangos are also suitable alternatives. When it comes time to picking the greens, kale, spinach, watercress are the vegetables that are essential to having the green colour. They also add the important vitamins that are found in the smoothie. To keep things on the healthy side, adding a splash of almond or coconut milk will add more nutrients and help the machine blend the ingredients to a smoothie-like consistency.

    Having a powerful blender also plays a key factor. I like to use Vitamix’s brand new E310 Explorian Series whenever I make a smoothie. It’s easy to use and it has the capability to blend ingredients to any desired texture. When it comes to making smoothies, it’s best to start the Explorian at a low speed and to build up to a higher speed just before finishing.

    Learn more about Vitamix’s Explorian Series blender on their website and you can purchase one here.

    See how I feed my life with Vitamix here.

    Marcus Troy’s Green Smoothie Recipe:

    Almond Milk
    Ice (Optional)

    Words: Marcus Troy
    Photography: Spencer Edwards

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