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  • Enemies Of The Course

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    "Nike’s “Enemies of the Course” collection showcases a custom print created by artist Michelle Morin"

    Golf has always been a gentleman’s game. There are rules and etiquettes that all players must follow when they are on the course. If there’s one rule that absolutely must be followed, it is the way one must be dressed when they are on the course. For a long time, Golf fashion has been dominated with classic polo shirts, button up shirts, cardigans, and trousers, which are basically all the makings of a preppy look.

    The general style rules on the course require golfers to wear collared shirts and long trousers or dress shorts with a pleated or flat front. In terms of footwear, shoes with soft spikes are necessary, as they help stabilize the golfer’s swing against the neatly trimmed turf grass. When it comes to headwear, you’ll typically see golfers wearing six-panel hats, which are essentially baseball caps but are much thinner and breathable. Visors and certain straw hats like boaters or panama style are acceptable too.

    As well put together as golf style sounds, when you actually see the golfers on the field, the clothes they’re wearing often looks ill fitted. The shirts they are wearing are too loose and the trousers are wide at the legs. What’s more is that the patterns on the clothing are often horrendous.

    Nike is aiming to disrupt the status quo by changing the perceptions of how golfers typically dress. Their latest collections feature polo shirts with blade, roll and classic collars, while fit options range from standard — for a relaxed, comfortable fit — to modern slim, which offers maximum mobility and modern style. They are all made with Nike’s lightweight, Dri-FIT fabric and designed with ergonomic seams for a full range of motion. In the case for patterns, Nike has opted for more color blocked options which are subtle and don’t draw too much attention to themselves.

    Although, if golfers want to lighten their look up on the course, Nike’s “Enemies of the Course” collection showcases a custom print created by artist Michelle Morin. She has been recognized for her nature art that resembles a scene out of a fairy tale. The inspiration for the collection comes from the greens keepers who work before the sun rises to keep the course looking pristine. Depicted in the print are more than 15 varieties of plants and animals that they encounter on a daily basis. Within the print, you’ll notice enemies like snakes, geese, deer, dandelions, and one-leaf clovers, even an alligator. To add a lifestyle element, the clothing fits slim and looks great on and off the course.

    Nike has also brought an iconic sneaker to the golf course, the Air Force 1. The sneaker was first released in 1982 and has been a footwear staple ever since. They have prepped the Air Force 1 for the course by adding lightweight Lunarlon cushioning and waffle-tread Integrated Traction. The versatile silhouette of the sneaker makes it easy to be worn on the green.

    Words: Jon Carlo Tapia
    Photography: Naskademini