08.27.14---Nigel_-Junya_-Aspesi_-Ovadia1188_1024x1024 08.27.14---Nigel_-Junya_-Aspesi_-Ovadia1186_1024x1024 08.27.14---Nigel_-Junya_-Aspesi_-Ovadia1181_1024x1024Nigel Cabourn isn’t inspired by fashion trends but rather inspirational stories of real people and creates vintage military, outdoor and work wear pieces. This results an iteration of new pieces that become classics in their own right.

This Cameraman jacket is made with a handsome mix of Ventile and Harris Tweed. The top half of Ventile aids in weatherproofing the coat, while the mixed panels of tweed adds warmth and texture. Further, the large pockets add functionality.

We love everything about this jacket. It is such a dope piece.


Available at Gentry NYC.

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