What Can We Cook?

Most people are of the state of mind that someone else is going to “eat their food”. That’s why they will not and do not support you: they are the type that will want to give you as least shine as possible, especially when you are doing good things. No one wants to have their food eaten.

What spawned this conversation was my approach in dealing with brands and the support that I get from my peers in this area. I consider myself a man with IDEAS. All of the projects and collaborative efforts I have had a hand in were spawned from my ideas and me asking these brands “what can we cook?”

I’ve never been the one at the dinner table just waiting to be served. I am part of Generation DIY: I am all about cooking for myself and preparing myself for my future. I’m not trying to take anyone else’s food: I am trying to cook my own… That’s why I’ve been working so hard, to bring you guys these unique experiences with some of your favorite brands and, obviously, the brands who believe in my vision, that would like to see which new ideas can be brought to the table.

I pride myself on pioneering the idea of digital collaboration and have found these to be so much more rewarding than a tangible collaboration because of its cultural value. I am able to bring my peers and friends, fans and readers in on the journey with me. Don’t think about other people as the ones trying to eat your food. Think of a shift in paradigm and ask yourself “how can we all eat good?”

Every time I sit down with a brand and they express interest in working with me, I ask them “what can we cook?” The end result is what you guys see in these pixels. I encourage other media outlets, blogs, websites and magazines to support my endeavors, for the next time you ask a brand “what can we cook?”, they’ll know what that tastes like and they can envision the best meal of their life.

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