I think most people start off TAKING whatever they can, not realizing that you have to go through a period of GIVING before you’ll ever get what is rightfully yours.

Let me explain…

Being who I am and my perceived success in this digital space, I become a target for social takers. I feel like a lot of people want to just TAKE from me: Advice, tools, queues, concepts & ideas, take my magic and take my thunder… OK, maybe I am being a bit dramatic but that is the feeling I get and oftentimes the approach people take. This type of behavior happens 80 percent of the time with strangers, people who have my Twitter account, Facebook “friends” or people who discover my email. Very seldom do I come across people who start off in the game in the GIVING stage except for a few years ago when a dude from my hometown approached me to help out by GIVING. I don’t mean giving in the monetary sense, but giving in the sense of adding value to what I was doing. He offered to edit all of my work and help me achieve a certain standard of excellence. This was his way of getting into my sphere and learning a bit about what I do and working with someone that he respects. We are still in this process and since he started out GIVING I feel that I can only GIVE back.

We take GIVING for granted. Of course, some only GIVE to receive, which I don’t agree with, but I think we should always give more than we take and we should repeat that step. When you are starting off in any game, make sure you give, give and give. One day, you will be on the receiving end and won’t need to take anything except for the time to count your blessings.

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