Last night I was having a conversation on twitter about mentors and I decided to put together a list of the 10 Things to look for in mentor. I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to leave a comment.

1. Selfless – Your mentor has to be selfless, they have to be the kind of person who think about others first before they think about themselves.  (Hard to find I know)

2. Character – They want to see other people win, especially you. Your mentor should be someone you respect and admire.

3. Experience – They have knowledge beyond your years and have no issues sharing what they’ve learned with you. Your mentor can be older or even younger than you are. The point is that they can teach you and coach you.

4. Patient – They understand the value of patience and growth. They usually allow you to grow and learn at your own pace.

5. Present & Available – I believe a mentor should have the time to talk and interact with you. If your mentor is too busy for you it defeats the purpose. When you do interact with them, they must be mentally present and not occupied with their busy life or schedule.

6. Visionaries – They are considered visionaries. They see the world from a different angle and can articulate their vision properly. They also think differently than you do.

7. Trustworthy – I think trust is one of the most fundamental parts of the mentor/mentee relationship. There has to be a level of trust between both parties it strengthens the relationship

8. Positive – They live day to day as a positive person. They see the cup as half full. These characteristics will surely rub off on you.

9. Direction & Goals From my experience they should be a in different profession than you or at least have different goals in life. It is not the rule but works best in my opinion. They have absolutely no desire to compete with you.

10. Believes in You – They have no issues telling you things you never want to hear. They believe in your potential and help you win at your own pace.

These are my thoughts on what to look for in a mentor. Please feel free to add or subtract from my thoughts. These are not rules just thoughts and ideas based on my experiences and the people have talked to about this.


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