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  • My Thoughts: 10 Habits of an Influencer by Marcus Troy

    10 Habits of an Influencer

    I once had an in depth conversation with my brother about the meaning behind certain titles, names and words. Words that used to have so much meaning and relevance are now useless because of the overuse of some of those words. These days I find a lot of people like to refer to themselves as INFLUENCERS, oftentimes without merit.

    I wanted to breakdown my thoughts on the habit of the influencer and allow you all to judge for yourself. I was inspired to create this list after the pastor at Church broke down his views on influencers.

    1. Always trying to guide people from the life that they have now to the life that they can achieve.
    – Being able to activate people, get them to move.
    – Constantly wanting to change their generation.
    – Every move that they make is to make change.

    2. Doesn’t rely on the right position to be an influencer.
    – Don’t wait until you have power to be an influencer.
    – Having a voice might be more important than the position.
    – Using your voice is more important than waiting until you can.

    3. An influencer looks into the mirror first.
    – You have to be able to look at your own life first before you can look into the life of others.
    – To have a bigger influence you have to look into the mirror.
    – You have to first influence yourself before you can influence others.
    – If you can’t drive your life you can’t drive the life of others.

    4. An influencer drives his own life
    – You have to be steering your own life into the right direction
    – Have the kind of integrity that will never compromise your influence.

    5. Be careful in how you drive yourself and your life.
    – Integrity comes first.
    – You are the same person in the light as you are in the dark.

    6. Sets priorities
    – Avoid driving in the wrong direction.
    – Don’t spend your energy working on things that are not working. (Work smarter not harder)
    – Change the way things are done and the way you do it if its not working.

    7. Acts mature
    – To be an influencer you need to be and act mature.
    – You have to take responsibilities for your actions.
    – You treat people with respect and handle every situation in the mature way.
    – Take responsibility for who you are and what you say and do.

    8. Always be aware
    – An influencer is truly a visionary and can see 2 steps ahead.
    – Self awareness is most important.

    9. Thinks for themselves
    – Does not have to wait until something is popular to endorse it.
    – They start the first fire.
    – Does not wait for others to approve of something before they make a move.

    10. Doesn’t need the props
    – An influencer does not have to remind you that they have influence.
    – Other people usually say it for them.