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  • MY Life: Ghost Blogger: For the right price I can make your blog tighter



    I am coining the phrase “GHOST BLOGGER” for those of you who have no idea where this term derives from I’ll explain. In the rap game if you don’t write your own lyrics (like Diddy) you hire a “Ghost Writer” to do your penmanship for you. (sidenote: most people don’t respect those who don’t write their own lyrics.) The reason why they say “ghost” is because this persons identity is usual kept private and you can use their material and past it off as your own and the real writer essentially remains a ghost( unless they get mad, and call you out). So the game is changing and now blogging is the new way of communicating your ideas, thoughts and beliefs besides the music. Artist like Kanye and Pharell just to name a few have their own blogs which people follow insanely you can tell by the user comments. But do they write their own blogs? Or are their blogs just inspired by them and what they might say? If you’ve read my tag line it goes as follows: “Blogging aint easy but somebody’s got to do it” This shit is a full time job at times, keeping people updated on all types of stuff. So many people start blogs and update for like 3 months and fall off the face of the earth. There are countless of blogs in my rss reader that never get updated (shame on you guys) cause this is time consuming. I know I’m a busy guy and I still find time to get my blog work in. How the Hell does Kanye have time to update his blog with 10 new post a day? while touring, making beats, sexing, looking at porn, shopping, creating vodka commercials, attending fashion shows and whatever else a dude of his caliber is doing? The only way I see it happening is with a “Ghost Blogger”. I know by some of his post it seems like he is the one finding all the cool stuff and writing all those post, But we don’t believe you, you need more people. My other pet peeve about my “speculated ghost bloggers” and some bloggers in general, is that they don’t credit the sites where they get their information from. I am starting the blogfirm! You can post info 4 times a month without giving credit, but after that your getting blacklisted! Ok ,so I don’t really have any power to do this, but you get my point.

    I still would not mind seeing a Jay-z ghost blog?! It would be kind of cool but you know…

    “I have never been on myspace, too busy carving out MY space”

    Shout out to all the real bloggers putting in work everyday to keep us all entertained.

    Shout out to all the “Ghost bloggers” for putting in work for others and getting silly paid! (just make sure you give us credit when it’s due)

    If I only knew I could get paid to blog for somebody else…

    PS: For the right price, I can make your blog tighter.

    Ghost blogger for hire.

    PS: If anyone uses the term ghost blogger they heard it from me first!