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  • Making Good Use Of Old Ingredients

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    "We’re trying to be more conscious of the food we throw out and Vitamix challenged me to look for ingredients that are going to expire soon"

    Did you know that the average Canadian waste approximately 170 kilograms of food a year? This monumental number adds to an unfathomable total that would leave your mouth agape. Our food waste is something that we should look into reducing drastically. It has been argued that this contributes to rising economic costs, and creates an estimated 21 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

    Because living a streamlined life is important for us, the issue of National Food Waste remains a relevant topic of discussion. Everything that we do must be purposeful. With that in mind, we scavenged our fridge in search of food items approaching their expiry dates. Inside, we found strawberries, raspberries, mangos, mint, and a container of greek yogurt that needed to be consumed as soon as possible.

    With the summer season in full swing, we took our ingredients and thought to create a refreshing summer sorbet.

    To create this sorbet, we made use of Vitamix’s newly released Explorian blender. Its ten variable speeds makes it a great tool for making all sorts of desserts. Couple that with the mini-tamper, we’re able to achieve the right textures. We’re also happy that the machine’s motor is capable of handling frozen ingredients.

    Here’s what you need to do to create our sorbet:

    Blend the strawberries, raspberries, mangoes, mint leaves, yogurt, ice, and honey together into the Explorian blender
    Pour into a bowl and freeze for a few hours. Once fully frozen, place the ice cream on your counter for about 20 minutes. Blend with the coconut milk or coconut water until smooth and creamy. Freeze for a few hours or longer for a firmer texture (Optional).

    A Berry, Mango, Mint Sorbet

    1 cup strawberries
    1 cup of raspberry
    1 cup peeled mango
    2 tablespoons of honey (Add more for sweetness)
    1 cup of Greek yogurt
    1 tablespoon of chopped mint
    2 cups of ice

    Words & Photography: Jon Carlo Tapia

    This is a sponsored post by Vitamix

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