14144745057_b2a7f50b5f_z 14144649600_76df06be1c_z 14329468152_ecc605e714_z 14144772029_dce6045879_z 14308384156_6435842df2_z 14144969737_8d8c600466_z 14144533658_bd5e170372_z 14308068796_75a043daed_z 14330793654_df068af061_zThe Levi’s has readied their handsome Commuter collection for the coming 2014 fall with a new look book. Here are some of our favourite looks.

The new Levi’s Commuter styles for fall 2014 include the Commuter Packable Shell Jacket, Commuter Field Parka, Commuter Rib Inset Sweatshirt, and the multi-functional Commuter Denim Trucker based on the iconic trucker jacket fit.

We particularly appreciate how the garments are given a particular focus to mobility and fit, while the fabrics feature weather-ready technology.

Browse their current online.

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