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  • Johnnie Walker Serves Formula One

    45.5017° N, 73.5673° W

    "Johnnie Walker, as a pioneering whisky brand with a progressive spirit, was the perfect whisky to partner with the world’s most progressive and technologically-advanced sport"

    Johnnie Walker was founded during 19th century and it was a time when whisky was slowly gaining popularity in Scotland. Despite this, the flavour and consistency suffered made it hard to enjoy at times. That was when, John Walker, the founder of Johnnie Walker, aimed to create a fulfilling blend that tasted the same every single time.

    Unlike the straightforwardness of crafting single malt and single grain scotch whisky; blended whisky takes both worlds and masterfully combines them into one. It’s certainly progressive and it does require an aptitude for science and art.

    Since the spirit brand’s genesis, it has become recognized for all the attributes that Mr. Walker had strived for.

    This acknowledgement was heightened further when Johnnie Walker become the official whisky of Formula 1. Like the nature of the blended whisky, Formula 1 represents the pinnacle of motorsports. It’s a fusion of engineering, driving skill, and true grit.

    We joined Johnnie Walker for the Canadian leg of Formula 1 in Montreal. They created a trio of simple but refreshing cocktails that you could easily make for yourself and your guests at home.

    We were also presented with a special cocktail kit and bottle that is embossed with Formula One and Johnnie Walker branding.

    Learn more about Johnnie Walker here.

    Here’s what we drank:

    Johnnie Ginger Highball

    25ml Johnnie Walker Black Label
    Fever-Tree Ginger Ale
    Lime Wedge

    Johnnie Soda Highball

    25ml Johnnie Walker Black Label
    Fever-Tree Soda Water
    Rosemary Sprig

    Johnnie Cola Highball

    25ml Johnnie Walker Black Label
    Fever-Tree Cola
    Orange Slice

    Words: Jon Carlo Tapia
    Photography: Jon Carlo Tapia & Chris Tapia

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