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  • Inside Visvim’s Fall/Winter 2018 Collection Preview

    40.7128° N, 74.0060° W

    "Somewhere in SoHo, the scene was serene within the confines of Visvim’s Fall and Winter 2018 preview"

    The pace and the energy on the streets of New York was the same as any other day. It didn’t matter that it was Fashion Week and that the sartorially-inclined were out in droves — the sidewalks bulged nonetheless. However, somewhere in SoHo, the scene was serene within the confines of Visvim’s Fall and Winter 2018 preview.

    It was there where we got a firsthand look at Hiroki Nakamura’s latest designs, which brings back the unparalleled craftsmanship that he has been celebrated for, along with rediscovering forgotten textile techniques. The stories of these methods are told vividly through the clothing that hung upon the racks of the showroom.

    The pieces radiated the essence of Americana with distinctly Japanese structural elements. We spotted heavy woolen coats, oversized trousers, rows of handsome denim shirts, and beautifully crafted footwear. Included in the mix was an all-silk souvenir jacket that was inspired by a 17th-century dragon face from China and multicolored kimono-style jacket made from washi paper.

    Stay tuned for the full release of the collection later this year.

    Words: Jon Carlo Tapia
    Photography: Spencer Edwards