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  • Inside Dapper Dan & Gucci’s Harlem Atelier

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    "Despite having to close his doors in 1992, Dapper Dan’s legacy as a sartorial disruptor was solidified"

    The Harlem couturier Mr. Daniel Day, popularly known as Dapper Dan, has spent over three decades reconceptualizing pieces and prints of luxury companies into completely different clothing. Throughout the years, his creations have been famously worn by clientele such as Eric.B & Rakim, Salt-N-Pepa, LL Cool J, Mike Tyson, and many more. However, due to numerous copyright lawsuits and finally, a raid orchestrated by Fendi, Mr. Dan decided to close his boutique permanently in 1992. Despite this setback Dapper Dan’s legacy as a sartorial disruptor was solidified.

    The year is now 2018 and this past January, Dapper Dan has re-opened the doors to a new brownstone boutique, appropriately located in Central Harlem on Lenox Avenue. This newly appointed space is actually an appointment-only atelier courtesy of a partnership with none other than Gucci.

    Let’s rewind for a second to the moment that led to this alliance.

    Last year in Italy, Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, showed his admiration for Mr. Dan, when he showcased a balloon-sleeve bomber in mink and leather. It was almost identical to Dapper Dan’s creation back in 1989. Months later, an announcement was made that would see Gucci supply Dapper Dan with a brand new space and raw materials for him to work his sartorial wizardry. Uninterrupted.

    In a recent article published by the The New York Times, the publication was given the opportunity to visit Dapper Dan and Gucci’s Harlem atelier.

    The space is divided into three-stories; the ground floor is purposed as the main showroom and fitting area, the second floor is only for his “V.I.P” clients, and lastly, the basement is used as a production area.

    One of many attractions is the exclusive fabrics that Gucci provides to Dapper Dan. Once a fabric is chosen, appliqués, ornament buttons, and trimmings can be added for more of a customized aesthetic. Afterwards, the client is measured by Mr. Dan so that the final product is truly one of a kind for the wearer.

    Read the full article here.

    Words: Abraham Berchan
    Photography: The New York Times and GQ