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  • Gadgets: The New Ipad – 8 Tips For The New Ipad

    Reading Time: 2 minutes

    This week I got the New Ipad or what some are calling it in the streets the Ipad 3 and I had a chance to play around with it today and I have to admit that I love it. I wanted to share with you all my 8 tips for the New Apple Ipad.

    1. Multi Touch Gestures
    In settings/general you can turn on some interesting multitasking gestures that makes for a great user experience.
    Use four or five fingers to:
    – Pinch To Home Screen
    – Swipe up to reveal multitasking bar
    – Swipe left or right between apps

    2. Typing Shortcuts
    – Hold down exclamation marks or periods for other typing options
    – You can split the keyboard by placing two fingers near the centre of the keyboard and dragging them apart.
    – In Settings/General you can have shortcuts for the words you use most often. You can type words like OMW for ON MY WAY

    3. Titlebar to return to top of Websites
    – You can quickly scroll to the top of any website by tapping the top of a titlebar. ( Tap where the time is displayed)

    4. Close Apps and Switch Apps quickly
    – Double tap home Screen to see all your apps. If you hold down on each app you can shut them down manually or even switch to a app quicker.

    5. Tap Home Button 3 times
    – Press the home button 3 times which brings up accessibility options for zoom, voice over and inverted image.

    6. Buy the Camera Connection Kit
    – If you love taking photo’s with DLSR or Point and Shoot you should buy the Camera Kit. It’s about $45 and you can upload your sd card straight to your ipad or download straight from your camera.

    7. Iphoto & Photos
    -Use the Photo app that comes on your Ipad to edit your photos. Or you can purchase Iphoto for 4.99 which operates like the iphoto on your Mac.

    8. Airplay
    – You can mirror your ipad to your television with Apple TV. Open the iPad’s multitasking menu by swiping upwards with four fingers or double-tap the home button, you’ll see a range of player controls and, if your iPad is on the same WiFi network as an Apple TV, you’ll see the AirPlay logo Tap that to mirror your screen. Great for sharing photos and video from your Ipad.