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  • Gadgets: SONOS Wireless HiFi @Sonos

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    SONOS Play:5 SpeakerSONOS Playbar Speaker
    SONOS Play:1 SpeakerSONOS SubSONOS Bridge SONOS Controller App
    SONOS specializes in manufacturing wireless HiFi sound systems that allows you to seamlessly stream audio throughout your home. By utilizing a dedicated wireless network, you can specifically choose what you want to hear in every room where a SONOS speaker is present.

    This process is facilitated with their SONOS controller app, which allows you to use your smartphone to manage audio play from your library, mobile devices, and music services such as Google Play, Songza, Sirius XM, and Spotify.

    We particularly appreciate the design of their speakers – they are subtly sleek and look great in any room.

    SONOS Playbar – $699 – Enhance your HDTV experience with the Playbar’s HiFi sound. Its simple set up allows you to enjoy the high-quality experience in a few short minutes. The device is capable of playing all sources plugged in to your HDTV: cable/SAT boxes, Blu-Ray players, and video game consoles.

    SONOS Play:1 – $99 – This compact wireless speaker is capable of delivering deep and crystal clear HiFi sound. Its wireless capabilities allows for the streaming your music library, music services, and Internet radio.

    SONOS Play:5 – $399 – This large wireless speaker is capable of delivering a full sound to any room with its 5 driver speaker system.

    SONOS SUB – $699 – Enjoy profound and thorough sound with an easy one-button setup that integrates with the other devices in the system. Its wireless capabilities allows for the streaming your music library, music services, and Internet radio.

    SONOS Bridge – $49 – This device extends the range of your of existing network, which strengthens connectivity between the SONOS devices. Simply connect to a router to set up your SONOS wireless network.

    Peruse the rest of SONOS wireless systems online.