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  • Footwear: Vegetable-Tanned ASICS GEL-Lyte III @ASICSamerica

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    Capture-d’écran-2015-08-08-à-15.36.16 ASICS-GEL-LYTE-III-‘Made-in-Japan’-4-1010x525 ASICS-GEL-LYTE-III-‘Made-in-Japan’-3-1010x671 ASICS-GEL-LYTE-III-‘Made-in-Japan’-5-1010x671 ASICS-GEL-LYTE-III-‘Made-in-Japan’-2-1010x671 ASICS-GEL-LYTE-III-‘Made-in-Japan’- ASICS-GEL-LYTE-III-‘Made-in-Japan’-1-1010x671Take a look at the how these vegetable-tanned ASICS GEL-Lyte IIIs are handmade in a workshop in Japan. You can see how tedious it is to craft the sneakers and the certain processes involved. The sneaker themselves are very similar to Hender Scheme but with a true ASICS aesthetic. The pieces are limited to 255 and have been released in Japan and Australia. Although, keep an eye out as they may make their way to a shop near you.


    Spotted on Hypebeast.