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  • Starbucks Launches Cold Brew Coffee @Starbucks

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    Starbucks Cold Brew-3 Starbucks Cold Brew Starbucks Cold Brew-2In the 17th century the Dutch introduced coffee to the Japanese but it was the Japanese who perfected the cold brew technique. Unlike iced coffee, which is simply pouring over or mixing hot coffee with ice, cold brew is prepared differently because it’s steeped using cool water over several hours.

    As of today, Starbucks has added this wonderful cold brew beverage to their menu. To coffee aficionados cold brew isn’t new, but to those who are fans of iced coffee, we see it as a great alternative and a chance to try something new. What’s more is that it can be mixed with cream or milk, and sweetened to your liking.

    The entire process takes about 20 hours and the result is a full-bodied, naturally sweet coffee. The beans are a combination of coffee from Latin American and Africa, and are strictly used for cold brew. We had a chance to taste Starbuck’s latest offering and to us it felt like we were drinking cold tea. Their cold brew coffee is smooth and doesn’t leave a bitter taste afterwards.

    What we appreciate is that they are prepared carefully in every store and in small batches, which ensures quality and consistency.

    Head over to your local Starbucks today to try it out!

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