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  • Joy of Living and Reebok Collaborate For A Juice Run @JOYS_of_LIVING @ReebokCanada #GetPumped

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    JOL x Reebook_-41JOL x Reebook_ JOL x Reebook_-38 JOL x Reebook_-43 JOL x Reebook_-22 JOL x Reebook_-16 JOL x Reebook_-44 JOL x Reebook_-33 JOL x Reebook_-37 JOL x Reebook_-8 JOL x Reebook_-23 JOL x Reebook_-53 JOL x Reebook_-11 JOL x Reebook_-49 JOL x Reebook_-101 JOL x Reebook_-56 JOL x Reebook_-55 JOL x Reebook_-62 JOL x Reebook_-68 JOL x Reebook_-72 JOL x Reebook_-81 JOL x Reebook_-82 JOL x Reebook_-86 JOL x Reebook_-87 JOL x Reebook_-91 JOL x Reebook_-93 JOL x Reebook_-90JOL x Reebook_-31To celebrate the opening of Joys of Living‘s first juice shop, they partnered with Reebok for the 5K “Joys Juice Run.”

    The collaboration between Reebok and Joys of Living could not have been anymore fitting. As both brands are dedicated to living healthy lifestyles and making sure we take care of our bodies.

    Runners sported Reebok’s new ZPump Fusion sneaker that allows to pump air into a cage that molds to the runner’s foot for a secure fit.

    Joys of Living’s manifesto is for us to be more conscious of what we put inside of our bodies. Their goal is to provide information and tools to live healthier despite our busy lives.

    Every fruit and vegetable that goes into their juices has been handpicked from local farmers and organic markets. The result is 100% real and natural product that is cold-pressed in glass bottles to further preserve freshness.

    Congratulations to Joys of Living and thank you Reebok for the gear!

    Learn more at Joys of Living.

    Shot by Jon Carlo Tapia.

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