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597336_mrp_in_xlUniform Wares is a London-based brand known for men’s watches that blend classic British design with contemporary styling. Their M42 timepiece is an extremely clean chronograph that features an accurate 23-jewel mechanism. The grey dials contrast nicely against the black stainless steel case.


Available online at MR PORTER.


colette-x-casetify-limited-edition-apple-watch-band-01French brick-and-click retailer, Colette, has collaborated with popular tech case makers, Casetify to produce a limited edition Apple Watch Band.

The band is made from a sweat resistant, high-performance polycarbonate silicone. Additionally, depending on the Apple Watch’s colour, a black or silver stainless steel buckle is available. The colour of the band adhere’s to colette’s signature white and blue.

Available in 38mm and 42mm variations.

Be on the look out for its release online at Colette and at their retail locations.


galpon hat galpon hatGalpon.Co hats are genuine Panama hat makers based out of Puerto Rico. Each piece is delicately made and if taken care of properly, they can last a lifetime. What we love about Panama hats is that they can smarten up any wardrobe and they are extremely breathable.

Learn more at Galpon.Co.


Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 10.28.49 AM 16703995774_58b7979d97_z Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 10.30.05 AMPremier outerwear brand AETHER and eyewear brand SALT. has launched a two-piece collection, the Scout and the Explorer. The motorcyclists was in mind when creating the pieces but they are also made to be stylish off the bike. We are huge fans of the Scout sunglasses!

The Scout sunglasses are meticulously constructed with windshields and an extended frame top, which helps to reduce wind flow and peripheral sunlight by more than 80 percent. Further, the lenses feature a polarized filter, mirror coating, and a photochromic filter that darkens to suit the light conditions.


Available online at AETHER.


Dubai Travel Case 2 Dubai Travel Case 3 Dubai Travel Case 4 Dubai Travel Case 6 Dubai Travel Case 9One of our favourite pieces from Lexdray‘s Spring and Summer collection for 2015 is their Dubai case. This particular version has been revised to exhibit more sophistication and professionalism. The end result is a combination of black ballistic nylon with a handsome twill fabric.

What we love about this travel case is that it doubles as a toiletry case and a travel case to hold your day to day essentials. If you plan to use it for your toiletry, the interior is coated with an anti-bacterial lining. The finer details include internal hooks, a water-resistant bottom, and snap feature to lay flat when needed.


Available online at Lexdray.


timex-weekender-chronograph-end-exclusive-1This military-inspired Weekender Chronograph from Timex is available exclusively at END. The watch measures in at 38mm and is accompanied with an attractive leather strap. As always, the watch brand’s INDIGLO Night-Light is present and its also water-resistance up to 30 meters.


Available exclusively at END.


1954-Los-Angeles-Angels-Ballcap new-york-black-yankees-1936-ballcap-550 montreal-royals-1946-ballcap-550

Jerry Cohen founded Ebbets Field Flannels after an exhausting search for a vintage baseball jersey and realizing that polyester jerseys weren’t good enough. We are huge fans of the authenticity and quality of their pieces.

Take a look at our favourite Ebbets Field ballcaps from our 3 favourite cities – Los Angeles, New York City and of course, our hometown of Montreal.

Each of these caps come with a specific history attached to them. Such as the LA’s Angels and their connection with Wrigley Field, and the black Yankees cap was worn for only one season, and Jackie Robinson wore the blue Montreal Royals cap during his one year with the team.


Available online at Ebbets Field Flannels.


Milton_CampaignHat_Charcoal5_1024x1024Bedwin and the Heartbreakers’ collections are an eclectic mix of formal, pop and street wear. For the Japanese fashion brand, inspiration can come from anywhere. In the case of their “Milton” hat, it’s silhouette is based on a military aesthetic.  The large brim hat is crafted from rabbit fur and is accented with a deer leather wrap with beads. Finally, perforated vents at the sides allow for air to pass through to keep things cool underneath.


Available at HAVEN.


The LaundressIf you love your denim just as much as we do then you’ll want to take care of them. The Laundress has developed eco-friendly line of laundry and home cleaning products.

One of our favourite products is their Denim Wash which made with their blend of detergent, fabric, softener, and colour guard. The mix cleans, softens, and preserves the colour of your denim. Their Fabric Fresh is a complementary nontoxic formula with antibacterial and odour removing effects. This is great to use when you want to refresh your denim after a long day.


Available online at The Laundress.


alexander mcqueen tie pinWhile a tie bar is meant to prevent your tie from flailing everywhere but it doesn’t mean it needs to be lacklustre either. Liven up your tie bar collection with this piece from Alexander McQueen – The feather tie pie is crafted with brass and given a gold finish.


Available at Alexander McQueen.