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IMG_0061xTroubadour was born out of a fruitless search for an overnight bag that was simple, well-crafted and could look good in any situation. After realizing that such a bag did not exist, they set out on another journey to create their own. One of the many outstanding results is this Barrel bag, which is the perfect piece to take with you on short overnight trips or use as a daily gym bag. The combination of fabric and leather looks both durable as it does attractive, while the shoulder strap is equipped with technical rubber for comfort. The functional details include a zippered top opening, two external pockets, along with a third located in the interior.


Available online at Troubadour Goods.


index-marquee-1 index-marquee-2The folks at Upton craft their belts with one simple purpose, to showcase their necessity rather than an accessory. Plus, having a great looking belt is as important as having a nice pair of shoes. As soon as you place your order, they will begin to craft your custom-fit belt and have it shipped out within three days.

Also included in the package is a microfiber dust bag and a stainless steel punch tool for re-sizing. The pieces are handcrafted using Italian leather and come in variety of styles. Our favourite is their Duke, which is a clean and sophisticated belt for formal occasions.


Available online at Upton belts.


IMG_0068Kangol‘s Bermuda Casual hat has undergone a slight refresh thanks to the Japanese retailer UNITED ARROWS & SONS. What they have done is extended the brim, as well as enlarging the iconic logo at the front, thus giving the hat a more contemporary feel. The piece is constructed from a breathable polyester for the warmer months and is available in navy and black.

The collaborative hat will be available at UNITED ARROWS & SONS locations starting January 29th.

Spotted on Eyescream Japan.


704383_mrp_in_xlWe still love organizing our thoughts and tasks on paper, writing things down looks like an obsolete thing to do but it’s still one of the best ways to remember important details. This handsome leather notebook from Miansai is great for immortalizing mental notes. The navy cover is slightly distressed and it’s finished a cool woven cord and metal anchor fastening. What’s more is that it’s small enough for you to carry everyday.


Available online at MR PORTER.


674457_mrp_in_xlAnderson’s Black Leather Belt – $165

FingerlessGlovesHKCashmereSuedeBlackOS1_2048x2048Cypress Handknit Cashmere Fingerless Gloves – $260


visvim Kudu Travel Case – $1045

NomadHatBlack1_2048x2048Maple Nomad Hat – $215

ZipNeckGaiterHkCashmereBlack3_2048x2048Cypress Handknit Cashmere Zip Neck Gaiter – $255

There are three days left until Christmas and we’ve put together a last minute, all black gift guide of accessories for the discerning style guy in your life. These pieces are also chosen based on overall quality and aesthetic. Some essentials include fingerless gloves and a zip neck gaiter, along with a classic black hat. We hope this guide helps you with your last minute holiday shopping!


wings+horns_lattimer_edenshaw_press_01 wings+horns_lattimer_edenshaw_press_03 wings+horns_lattimer_edenshaw_press_04wings+horns has collaborated with Lattimer Gallery to create a limited edition hand-engraved cuff bracelet. The silver piece was crafted by Shawn Edenshaw and it is adorned in the Northwest Coast indigenous art that the Gallery specializes in.

If you’re looking to gift someone jewelry this Christmas, we recommend this bracelet!


Available online at wings+horns.



22556374738_d96c23a485_hThe white snow during winter can often cause the landscape to be unnecessarily bright. With that being said, SALT optics has a pair of frames that would help. The lens is a light CR39 polarized lens that offers maximum UV protection from Japanese & Italian acetates and Zeiss lens materials. You’ll also notice little details such as engraving in the arm and on the bridge of the frames.


Available online at SALT.


22624912683_5143be4513_h 22884070389_316646310b_hIf taken care of properly Red Wing Heritage boots will last a lifetime. With that being said, they have put together the Master Care Kit, which is the ultimate kit for every boot owner out there, not just for Red Wing boots. The Master Care Kit consists of a custom made waxed canvas mason bag with signature Copper Rough & Tough leather details.

Inside the bag, you’ll also have a specific place for each and every product. The limited edition boot care kit also includes a leather working mat, two sets of boot bags, two sets of boot care cloths, two pairs of Deep Toe Capped Wool socks and an embossed boot horn. Moreover, the brand stays true to its heritage with everything made in the USA.


Available online at Red Wing Heritage.


supreme-x-the-north-face-2015-fall-winter-collection-14 supreme-x-the-north-face-2015-fall-winter-collection-15 Gloves are a necessary part of winter accessorizing but somehow it gets over looked, and most of us are fine with simple wool gloves that we lose often. This season the North Face is teaming up with the legendary streetwear brand, Supreme, for another collection of exclusive pieces. One of the standouts has to be the Winter Runners Gloves, which takes the reliability and hardwearing of the outwear brand and combines it with the iconic Supreme font.


The collection is set to be available in-store and online on November 19th at NY, LA and London locations. While Japan will see a November 21st release.


Nov_Public_School_X_Tumi_Dubai_Limited_Edition_1 Nov_Public_School_X_Tumi_Dubai_Limited_Edition_2 Nov_Public_School_X_Tumi_Dubai_Limited_Edition_4 Nov_Public_School_X_Tumi_Dubai_Limited_Edition_6As Public School reveals its Pre-Fall collection alongside Cadillac’s new crossover, the XT5, the fashion brand has also collaborated with renowned luggage company, TUMI.

The monochromatic all-white collection is created from a high performance Cubic Tech material that encompasses both brand philosophies of high-quality design and technical innovation. The advanced material is best known for its use within forward thinking industries such as mountaineering and aerospace, including agencies such as N.A.S.A. The water resistant fabric is also non-woven, which allows maximum functionality and lightweight, as well as a resistance to wear and tear. The accessories is further accented with classic materials like leather and neoprene to give it a clean and fashion forward appearance.

In celebration of Public School’s first international runway show, pieces from the limited-edition capsule accompanied those traveling to Dubai for the occasion. They took along with them the collaborative Dopp Kit, Tote Backpack, and iPhone case.


The PUBLIC SCHOOL x TUMI Limited-Edition Backpack and Tote will be sold exclusively on TUMI and Public School NYC.