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  • Adorama Presents Through The Lens With Naskademini

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    "Sal D'Alia from Through The Lens Visits The Multi-Faceted Photographer, Naskademini At His Studio In Montreal"


    “Through The Lens” is a web series presented by ADORAMA. The series focuses on the work of photographers who have been recognized for their excellent imagery and creative prowess. Whether it’s landscape, food, travel or street photography, there is no shortage of inspiration in every episode. For season five, Naskademini joins the likes of Jayscale, Elizabeth Gadd, and Wayne Simpson, to share his journey into the photography world, his methodology, his thoughts on social media, and more.

    How he became interested in art:

    “My fascination with photography started when I was a kid, looking at my father’s vinyl collection and seeing all of the artwork. I think even as a kid I always use to try to redraw them or retrace them and that’s when I became fascinated with art.”

    On social media and creativity:

    “I think a lot of people get too caught up in social media presence, followings, and likes. I feel like it’s just about creating. I give props to anyone who just gets up in the morning and creates because creators in my opinion – creatives run the world. I don’t think we have a roll per say, I think we should all do what we love and live it out to the fullest.”

    On creating a connection with his subjects:

    “Usually when I work with a model, I would do some research on the person or the subject I’m shooting. I want to get to know what they’re about, what do they do? What are they into? So when they come in, there’s a certain level of ice breaking already done beforehand, that I can sit them down and make them feel comfortable in front of the camera.”

    Watch the interview above.

    Be sure to follow Naskademini on Instagram and check out the rest of season five of “Through The Lens” here.

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    Words & Photography: Jon Carlo Tapia